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 How to roleplay in Infinite Worlds?

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PostSubject: How to roleplay in Infinite Worlds?   Sun Mar 31, 2013 5:36 pm

How to roleplay in Infinite Worlds?

As you can see, the roleplaying places are divided in many categories/sub-forums. There is a reason behind this.

Fan-Based RP Worlds
In these worlds, you can create worlds based on something that already exists: a movie, an anime, a game etc... If you want to include the original characters or not is up to you. You can use the original concepts and bring new ones. For example: A Pokémon World where you can fuse them. Have in mind that all the "original worlds" belong to their respective owners and these worlds and fan-based.

Original RP Worlds
You create these worlds with your own hands. You will also create the original concepts that come with it. You own it! That is, if the world is not based on something that already exists.

Realm of the Infinite
Here, some specials roleplays will be held by everybody. The administrators are the rulers of this realm. You cannot create any world here. However, pay attention, because these worlds are really special.


What is to roleplay?
Playing a role? Yes, that's all about it. Like in theater someone pretends to be a character in a play. Here you can create these "plays" in any kind of world you like. You can roleplay in a reality, fantasy or even a sci-fi world. While roleplaying you can roleplay with as many as characters you like. The purpose of roleplay at forums and chats is basically having fun and somehow "dream" with these characters, worlds and fantasies we create with our own minds. Some poeple are really addicted to this, believe it!

How do I "act"?
Trough writing. There are many styles when it comes to roleplay. When writing a roleplay post you must explain somehow what's going on -> What is/are your character(s) doing?
Depending on the situation you may write a big long text of the action. Here is an example:

"It was a dark and cloudy day at the village. John was walking slowly for two hours. As he was walking, he was thinking about what happened the day before: that terrible accident. "Why did it happen?" John whispered to himself. Two minutes later, he started to cry and scream randomly at the middle of the dark and sad village. The people of the village knew that this scream was John's suffering. He just grabbed a knife and tried to kill himself, but suddenly, a villager named Peter, who was driving a car, opened the car's door and stopped him. "Why are you doing this?!" asks Peter "Because... Because... I have nothing left..." answered John. Some seconds later, John dropped the knife and hugged Peter while crying."

Pretty sad scene, huh? But now, I can roleplay the same scene but, like this:

(At the village)
John: *walks slowly thinking about what happened* Why did it happen? *whispers*
John starts to scream randomly while the people of the village recognized the sound.
John: *grabs a knife and tries to kill himself*
A driving man named Peter came out of the car and stopped John.
Peter: Why are you doing this?!
John: Because... Because I have nothing left... *drops the knife and hugs Peter while crying*

You can use various styles as you like. The only condition is that the act is understandable and not confuse.

Creating a world
Depending of the type of world you choose, you can create a new world. However, you have to explain to the members what this new world is all about: What's the story? How is the world where the character live? How can the characters be? Which power can they use? How many character can you create? Which are the conditions?
Since you created the world, you'll be the one explaining this. So, basically, you'll have to explain these:

-> How is the world?
-> Which is the story? What happened? What is going/supposed to happen?
-> How are the characters? Are they humans? Which are the races available? Which are the restrictions?
-> Important concepts -> For example, your world is a fan-based world of Naruto. You'll have to explain to those who don't usually watch it or who never heard about it and wants to participate the ranks (Genin, Chuunin, Jounin...) and what kind of jutsus exists and how are the lands organized. This topic is unnecessary if the participants already have these concepts in mind.
-> Who can participate? Is it a private RP? Is it public? How many people can participate? Only two... Or three? (You can invite whoever you want)
-> Other stuff you think it's necessary... (You can add videos and images to support your explanation)

However, as a world creator you must remember one thing. Even though it's your world you have to let somehow the other participants to enrich it with more stuff. As the creator, you can control this if you want, but avoid being rude when imposing it.

Participating in a roleplay
If you want to participate in a world to roleplay, go to the world topic and you can ask to participate if the creator is allowing to. Fulfill the sheet established and wait for the creator's approval. Then, under the world's rules, you can roleplay as you wish.

The world as come to its end
Whenever a story ends, a message must be sent to me or another administrator to lock the topic and archive it. However, nothing stops you from creating a sequel. You can do it freely if the original world is yours, but if it belongs to another member, you'll have to ask if you can.

-> Your character is NOT a god. It can't be immortal. It has his/her weak points and strong points. It's roleplaying after all.
-> Extreme violence and sexual acts are not allowed in any world. Remember that these contents can be influent on young members. You can add some blood, some little violence, but not too extreme.

So, this is basically how you roleplay in Infinite Worlds. Now, go out and have some fun! Very Happy

Diamond Wings

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How to roleplay in Infinite Worlds?
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